Recycling Refunds

Why Consumers Need More Recycling Refund Programs

recycling refundsrecycling refundsrecycling refundsrecycling refunds

What are Recycling Refunds?

In a “recycling refund” program – also commonly referred to as a beverage container redemption program, deposit return system, or “bottle bill” – consumers buy the beverage and borrow the container.

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Recycling Refund

Why Consumers Want Recycling Refunds

Recycling refunds have a proven track record of incentivizing recycling, reducing litter, and providing clean materials to serve as recycled content in new beverage containers. These programs enable lower greenhouse gas emissions because new beverage containers use more recovered material. And by encouraging more recycling, these programs also create more jobs than when beverage containers are landfilled.

Most importantly, 90% of Americans who already have access to recycling refunds and 81% of consumers nationwide support the programs.

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Recycling Refund

Guiding Principles for Recycling Refunds

A successful program should adhere to several guiding principles.

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